Fine Glass Casting Collection

Introducing Fashion Jewelry made in Glass

As a jewelry designer, I have always been looking for another material other than metal in order to duplicate my creations.

My ideas of making Kiln Glass jewelry goes back for several decades.
History shows the lost wax techniques dates back to the time of the Egyptians with amulets and jewelry in the form of glass. These techniques came back during the Art Nouveau period by genius French creators like Renée Lalique, Daum, Argy Rousseau and many others.

This ancestral process makes it possible to obtain any form, or almost, created from a wax or clay model. A major asset for all creators who are seeking to express originality in their creativity.

The arrival of 3D technology and High resolution printers are part of a new era of development in the artistic world today. Associated with ancestral traditional techniques Glass Casting  is a revolutionary idea for all Creators.

Currently,  our Company in France produces Kiln Glass Jewelry , the appropriate term in French is Pâte de Verre.